What People Are Saying


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You’re amazing at what you do. I went to my hairdressers yesterday for a quick pop in to drop her kid off and she was like ugh I just love your hair. It looks sooo good. And she’s seen it plenty of times lol. She just can’t get over how real it looks. Best money I ever spent. And I’m gonna have to start saving my pennies come the 6 month mark to get it done again!
— Melissa Dawn
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Thank you so, so much for the amazing new hair! I absolutely love it!!! The girls were blown away, my mom said I haven’t looked so good in 44 years 😃 and my husband said you’re the only stylist I should ever see!!! 😊❤️ In today’s busy world I thought it was a rarity to find someone who truly cared about making people look and feel their very best. That was until I met you. You’re definitely that person who cares and have been given an amazing gift!! Winnipeg is a very lucky city to have such a talented stylist and wonderful person in it! Thank you again for the new found love I have for my hair and myself. ❤️❤️
— Tara
Getting ready to go out is so much easier now! The main thing I have to worry about is what outfit should I wear :) I love my extensions 💜 Thank you for making my hair fantasy come true 😊
— Tanya
I had Great Lengths hair extensions installed by Steven Mathew one week ago & the experience was wonderful! The entire process from start to finish took about 7.5 hours including a perfectly timed break for sushi dinner. Steven was delightful company & the time flew by! There was no pain or discomfort involved in the process or following the installation of extensions. Steven did a perfect colour match with meticulous placement of each individual extension. Over this past week of having my extensions all comments from friends/family/strangers have been about how stunning my hair looks & how much it has grown… not one person has doubted that my beautiful mane was my natural hair thanks to Steven’s talent & finesse! The Great Lengths extensions are light, soft & beautiful. There is definitely a learning curve with styling such a drastic length/volume increase of hair but that is part of the fun! I am incredibly happy with my Great Lengths extensions & I am thrilled with Steven’s skill set, work ethic & overall vibe! I would absolutely recommend Steven & the Great Lengths experience to any babe wanting a beautiful mane!
— Dani Ferguson

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Best extensions I have EVER had thank you again ! 😍
— Emily Rea
It is an investment to get Great Lengths hair extensions and it is an investment that I am so glad to have made. Steven made the entire process so enjoyable and the final product is better than I could have dreamed. I would repeat the process of getting Great Lengths with Steven in a heartbeat.
— Sara Guzzo
I woke up more fabulous than I ever have in my life!!! Lol! Thank you so much for fulfilling my hair fantasy!!! You are so talented and truly change people’s lives and how they feel about themselves! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together yesterday and look forward to more Great Lengths installations together in the future. 😊❤️
— Tara
💓 Could never in a million years imagined my hair could look so good thanks to you! I appreciate you and your talent and love how my hairs looks each time I leave your chair! See you in the new year ✨😊
— Ainsley
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Steven is an AWESOME stylist! He made me feel great and very comfortable from the moment I met him. I LOVE ❤️, LOVE ❤️, LOVE ❤️ my Extensions! 💯⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️ Thank you! 😘
— Carlee