Luxury Hair Extensions by Steven Mathew


Steven Mathew is a Certified Hair Extension Specialist, Educator & Influencer

Steven Mathew

Hair Extension Specialist / Educator / Influencer

I’ve had an amazing career so far – I’ve spent the last decade working behind the chair with great people, on set of many photo shoots, travelling North America for shows & events, teaching educational seminars across Canada for one of the top international colour companies, and training with some of the best talent my industry has to offer. My specialties include natural looking hair colour paired with seamless hair extension matching & blending. I’m always interested in meeting new guests, and love coming up with custom extension installations for them. I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel like a VIP!
— Steven Mathew


100% Indian Temple Hair. Ethically sourced and traceable, guaranteed.

It has been estimated that of the 1000 tons of human hair shipped into the US every year, only 25% is from known ethical sources. With no current regulatory body demanding ethicality in the hair extension industry, the salon industry and the consumer has had no guarantee that the hair extensions they chose were traceable, ethical or of good quality – until now.

Great Lengths sources the very best human hair from Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly by villagers to the temple as an act of devotion to their faith. The revenue generated by Temple Hair is used for the funding of schools, health clinics and other community services.

More than 25 years ago, Great Lengths established itself as the premiere producer of high quality extensions and started a new era in the professional beauty industry and the mainstreaming of hair extension services.

Great Lengths remains the leader in the world of high quality hair extensions as a result of:

  • Innovation in bonding technology

  • Patented, non-toxic and damage-free colourization processes

  • Award winning application systems

  • The category’s most comprehensive education programs

  • Hair ethically sourced exclusively from the Temples of India

The method of bonding patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage.

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