Luxury Hair Extension Transformations

by Steven Mathew



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You’re amazing at what you do. I went to my hairdressers yesterday for a quick pop in to drop her kid off and she was like ugh I just love your hair. It looks sooo good. And she’s seen it plenty of times lol. She just can’t get over how real it looks. Best money I ever spent. And I’m gonna have to start saving my pennies come the 6 month mark to get it done again!
— Melissa Dawn
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Thank you so, so much for the amazing new hair! I absolutely love it!!! The girls were blown away, my mom said I haven’t looked so good in 44 years 😃 and my husband said you’re the only stylist I should ever see!!! 😊❤️ In today’s busy world I thought it was a rarity to find someone who truly cared about making people look and feel their very best. That was until I met you. You’re definitely that person who cares and have been given an amazing gift!! Winnipeg is a very lucky city to have such a talented stylist and wonderful person in it! Thank you again for the new found love I have for my hair and myself. ❤️❤️
— Tara
Getting ready to go out is so much easier now! The main thing I have to worry about is what outfit should I wear :) I love my extensions 💜 Thank you for making my hair fantasy come true 😊
— Tanya
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I had Great Lengths hair extensions installed by Steven Mathew one week ago & the experience was wonderful! The entire process from start to finish took about 7.5 hours including a perfectly timed break for sushi dinner. Steven was delightful company & the time flew by! There was no pain or discomfort involved in the process or following the installation of extensions. Steven did a perfect colour match with meticulous placement of each individual extension. Over this past week of having my extensions all comments from friends/family/strangers have been about how stunning my hair looks & how much it has grown… not one person has doubted that my beautiful mane was my natural hair thanks to Steven’s talent & finesse! The Great Lengths extensions are light, soft & beautiful. There is definitely a learning curve with styling such a drastic length/volume increase of hair but that is part of the fun! I am incredibly happy with my Great Lengths extensions & I am thrilled with Steven’s skill set, work ethic & overall vibe! I would absolutely recommend Steven & the Great Lengths experience to any babe wanting a beautiful mane!
— Dani Ferguson

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Best extensions I have EVER had thank you again ! 😍
— Emily Rea
It is an investment to get Great Lengths hair extensions and it is an investment that I am so glad to have made. Steven made the entire process so enjoyable and the final product is better than I could have dreamed. I would repeat the process of getting Great Lengths with Steven in a heartbeat.
— Sara Guzzo
I woke up more fabulous than I ever have in my life!!! Lol! Thank you so much for fulfilling my hair fantasy!!! You are so talented and truly change people’s lives and how they feel about themselves! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together yesterday and look forward to more Great Lengths installations together in the future. 😊❤️
— Tara
💓 Could never in a million years imagined my hair could look so good thanks to you! I appreciate you and your talent and love how my hairs looks each time I leave your chair! See you in the new year ✨😊
— Ainsley
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Steven is an AWESOME stylist! He made me feel great and very comfortable from the moment I met him. I LOVE ❤️, LOVE ❤️, LOVE ❤️ my Extensions! 💯⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️ Thank you! 😘
— Carlee

Create Your Hair Fantasy


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All of the excitement of a hair colour makeover with none of the chemicals! Add strands below your natural part line to create a natural highlighted effect without bleaching or dyes! From delicate natural tones, to deep jewel & pastel shades, the results are limitless.

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Who doesn't love a little extra volume?! Take advantage of a hair injection; giving you the effect of having more hair! With this treatment you can enhance your texture, or give your silhouette a stronger shape! It's like your hair– on steroids. You're gonna love it.

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Full Lengthening

Not only can you add colour, texture and volume, but you can simultaneously add length to your look! Enjoy mermaid status with lengths up to 24".

“Hair Extension is one of my favorite ways to transform a woman’s look. It’s opulent, glamorous and instantly gratifying. Book me to get the hair of your dreams!”
— Steven Mathew

100% Indian Temple Hair. Ethically sourced and traceable, guaranteed.



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